Chris Donahue is an Oscar & Emmy winning producer, educator and consultant living in Los Angeles.





Chris Donahue’s producing credits are extensive in film, television and streaming. He began his career as a producer in television news and documentaries. He transitioned to narrative film and television at the American Film Institute. His love for documentaries has him returning to the form often. Donahue’s work has been honored with numerous awards including an Oscar and an Emmy.

A producer may do any or all of these: find the literary property (a novel, play or original script), shape the idea into a viable film, raise the money, hire the director, choose the cast, oversee production and postproduction, mastermind the marketing, negotiate the worldwide rights — be a movie’s begetter and first, demanding viewer.
— Time Magazine, Richard Corliss




Donahue has taught film and television courses at the American Film Institute, Chapman University, LMU and UCLA.   He has spoken on numerous panels at film festivals, and conducted workshops at leading universities and colleges. 

His teaching experience extends from elementary school through adults.  At the age of 23, he was the appointed the Dean of Students at a high school with 1,200 students in New Orleans. 

Professor Donahue’s insights into the industry, his willingness to share his experiences and his relationships gives him and A+ in my book.
— Spring 2019
He challenged us to think differently. Loved the puzzles and brain teasers he used at the beginning of class.
— Summer 2019




Donahue has led and advised both for profit, non-profit companies, large and small. Most recently he served as President of Paulist Productions where he sourced, negotiated and established a multi-million dollar, three picture co-financing and co-production arrangement with MarVista Entertainment. Sourced and performed due diligence on potential internet and digital media investments, including streaming video platforms and other early- and mid-stage digital media companies. He has consulted with filmmakers at every stage of production.

The most essential prerequisite to understanding is to be able to admit when you don’t understand.
— Information Anxiety, Richard Saul Wurman




man·i·fes·toˌ(man’ә fes’tō/) noun, pl. -toes. 1. A public declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government.[< It; see manifest>]


I feel, think and do.
I engage, influence and impact.
I create and generate.
I nourish my mind, body and soul.
I have crucial conversations.

I measure myself by how I respond to adversity.
I plant trees whose shade I will never sit under.
I create environments where others succeed.
I work to be better than myself yesterday.
I act as if everything depends on me, and trust as if everything depends on God.

I vote.

I love my neighbor....most of the time.
I go inward, so I can go outward.

I listen to what others say before formulating my response.

I challenge the authority and the status quo.
I keep my elbows off the table.
I color outside the lines.

I give voice to the voiceless.


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